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CUT Brings Legal Services In-House



CUT Brings Legal Services In-House

CUT Brings Legal Services In-House. The Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) has taken a significant step in enhancing its governance structure by appointing Ms Kwena Mageza as the Senior Director for Legal Services. With over a decade of legal experience, Ms Mageza is poised to revamp and lead the institution’s legal unit, which has been dormant for approximately 10 years.

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Building a New Legal Unit

Ms Mageza expressed her enthusiasm for the opportunity to rebuild the legal unit from scratch, setting a new standard for her tenure at CUT. She emphasized the importance of establishing a strong foundation for the department, highlighting that there are no precedents to follow, allowing her to chart a unique path forward.

Professional Background

An admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa, Ms Mageza brings a wealth of expertise to her new role. She holds an LLB degree from the University of Limpopo and an LLM in Estate Law from the University of Pretoria. Her legal career has spanned both defendant and plaintiff practices, honing her skills in litigation and legal strategy.

Focus on Governance

Ms Mageza primary focus at CUT will be on governance, recognizing it as a critical area for development within the university. She is enthusiastic about the potential for growth and improvement at CUT, particularly in governance matters, which she considers paramount.

A Calling to Law

Reflecting on her career choice, Ms Mageza noted that law was not merely a profession but a calling. She sees her role as a legal professional as a means to use her voice to assist others. Despite the misconception that lawyers talk more than they listen, Ms Mageza believes that effective legal practice requires attentive listening to understand others’ perspectives before responding.


Ms Kwena Mageza appointment marks a significant milestone for CUT, signaling a renewed commitment to legal excellence and governance. Her dedication to rebuilding the legal unit and her passion for using her voice to effect positive change exemplify her as a valuable asset to the university.

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