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CUT CRPM Restores Quality Of Life Through 3D Printing



CUT CRPM Restores Quality Of Life Through 3D Printing

CUT CRPM Restores Quality Of Life Through 3D Printing. 3D printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), is revolutionizing the medical industry by enhancing the daily practices of healthcare professionals, offering hope to those in despair, and rejuvenating the quality of life for individuals with severe facial disfigurements caused by cancerous tumors or injuries.

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Impact of AM Technologies in Medicine

AM technologies allow for the direct transformation of Computer-Aided Designs (CAD) into physical prototypes or models. This advancement enables the production of customized products tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient, both externally and internally.

CRPM and Prof. Cules Van den Heever Contributions

The Central University of Technology’s Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM), in collaboration with Prof. Cules Van den Heever, a Maxillofacial Prosthetics specialist, has significantly impacted numerous lives by offering innovative solutions through 3D printing technology.

A Life Transformed: The Story of Mr. Luan Adam

Mr. Luan Adam, a cancer survivor, is one of many beneficiaries of this groundbreaking technology. After losing half of his face due to sinus cancer, Adam experienced numerous complications and infections from tissue transplants, delaying his journey to receiving a facial prosthesis that would restore his social confidence.

Prof. Cule Expertise and CRPM Innovation

With advancements in technology, processes, and materials, Prof. Cules, along with CRPM, was able to design and create a custom-made facial prosthetic implant for Adam. Using a CT scan, CRPM printed a planning model and developed a facial prosthesis made of silicone. Additionally, CRPM 3D printed a titanium frame implant to hold the prosthetic in place.

CRPM Commitment to Restoring Confidence

Prof. Cules and CRPM are dedicated to helping patients with defects and facial disfigurements regain their confidence and reintegrate into society. Through donations and innovative techniques, CRPM is leading the way in treating patients and providing them with life-changing solutions.

Recognitions and Certifications

CRPM is renowned for its groundbreaking work in designing, developing, and manufacturing medical devices using 3D printing. The Centre has received ISO 13485 certification for 3D printing of medical devices, making it the first in South Africa and Africa to achieve this prestigious recognition for an Additive Manufacturing Centre. Additionally, CRPM holds The South African Health Products Authority (SAHPRA) license for the manufacturing of medical devices.


CRPM at CUT is at the forefront of using 3D printing technology to restore the quality of life for individuals with facial disfigurements. Their innovative work not only improves physical appearances but also enhances the mental and emotional well-being of patients, allowing them to lead fulfilling lives.

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