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CUT launches CILT English-Sesotho Lexicon



CUT launches CILT English-Sesotho Lexicon

CUT launches CILT English-Sesotho Lexicon. The Central University of Technology (CUT) is at the forefront of a transformative movement within the higher education sector, championing the integration of indigenous African languages into academic discourse. In a significant stride toward this goal, the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT), in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering Built Environment and Information Technology (FEBIT) and the Institutional Renewal and Transformation, proudly unveiled their inaugural Civil Engineering English-Sesotho Lexicon Booklet on November 18, 2024.

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Promoting Multilingualism in Higher Education

The launch of the lexicon marks a pivotal moment in CUT’s commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment. Dr. Ntsoaki Malebo, Senior Director of the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, emphasized the importance of linguistic diversity in facilitating meaningful engagement with disciplinary content. “This initiative symbolizes our dedication to the development of African languages within academia,” Dr. Malebo affirmed.

“Language serves as a gateway to knowledge, and through initiatives like this lexicon, we aim to empower students by providing access to discipline-specific terminology in their native language.”

Empowering Students Through Indigenous Languages

Professor David Ngidi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning, underscored the significance of the lexicon project within the framework of CUT’s language policy. By promoting multilingualism and translanguaging, CUT seeks to elevate Sesotho as an academic language while ensuring equitable access to education for all students.

“Our goal is to enable students to express themselves fluently in their mother tongue, particularly in complex academic contexts,” Prof. Ngidi stated. “The development of discipline-specific lexicons not only enriches Sesotho vocabulary but also fosters deeper comprehension of scientific concepts among students.”

Charting a Path Towards Academic Excellence

Mr. Theletsane, Acting Editor-in-Chief of the Sesotho National Lexicography Unit, highlighted the pivotal role of terminology in specialized fields such as engineering. Recognizing the technological barriers hindering language advancement, Mr. Theletsane emphasized the urgent need for comprehensive lexicon development. “Engineering terminology forms the bedrock of academic discourse in this field,” he remarked.

“Through meticulous terminology development, CUT aims to bridge the gap between language and technological innovation, paving the way for enhanced communication and knowledge dissemination.”


The launch of the Civil Engineering English-Sesotho Lexicon Booklet represents a landmark achievement in the journey towards linguistic inclusivity and academic excellence at CUT. By embracing indigenous languages and investing in comprehensive lexicon development, CUT sets a precedent for universities worldwide, demonstrating the transformative power of multilingual education.

As students and educators alike embark on this linguistic journey, the lexicon serves as a beacon of empowerment, fostering a culture of linguistic pride and academic achievement within the university community and beyond.

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