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Diversity is Celebrated at CUT



Diversity is Celebrated at CUT

Diversity is Celebrated at CUT. The Central University of Technology, Free State, embraced the rich tapestry of cultures within its community with a vibrant Heritage Day celebration at its Bloemfontein Campus on 19 November 2024.

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Embracing Diversity

Distinguished guests and dignitaries, including the Kenyan Education Attaché, Adan Mohamed Ibrahim, joined the festivities, highlighting the university’s commitment to cultural exchange. Ibrahim shared, “We gladly provided some of our cultural clothing and artefacts for Heritage Day celebrations, and we appreciated the opportunity to get to know each other through celebrating culture.”

A Step Towards Unity

Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof. Alfred Ngowi, emphasized the university’s dedication to becoming a hub of cultural diversity. He stated, “The 2021 Heritage Day Celebrations come as a stepping ladder for CUT to encourage inter-cultural blending in research, teaching and learning, as well as operations of the institution.”

Language Policy and Inclusivity

Prof. Ngowi also discussed the significance of the newly approved CUT Language Policy, which integrates Sesotho as one of the official languages for day-to-day practices. “Recognizing Sesotho becomes our preliminary point as we are a university of technology in the Free State Province, where Sesotho is the predominant spoken language,” he explained. This move aligns with UNESCO’s goal to promote African languages.

A Celebration of Unity

Guests enjoyed a variety of cultural experiences, including exploring stalls showcasing different cultures and enjoying performances that showcased the rich diversity present at CUT. The celebration served as a reminder of the university’s commitment to inclusivity and cultural appreciation.


CUT Heritage Day celebration in 2024 was a testament to the university’s dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive community, embracing the rich cultural heritage of its students and staff.

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