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CUT Enactus President Plans To Create More Impactful Projects



CUT Enactus President Plans To Create More Impactful Projects

CUT Enactus President Plans To Create More Impactful Projects. Enactus-CUT welcomes Masego More as the newly appointed President for the 2022/23 financial year. Masego brings with her a vision to enhance the impact of Enactus projects.

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Masego Background and Leadership Journey

Masego, a native of Bloemfontein, emerged from a background of leadership roles, including prefect and head girl during her high school years. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Mechanical Engineering at CUT, she has ascended through Enactus-CUT’s ranks from Project Leader to Vice-President, culminating in her presidency.

Masego Leadership Style and Vision

Masego identifies as a transformational leader, emphasizing organizational purpose and long-term goals. Her vision entails increasing team efficiency and maximizing impact through initiatives that address environmental, governmental, and societal aspects.

Masego Plans and Goals

As president, Masego aims to enhance efficiency within Enactus-CUT and ensure that initiated enterprises generate significant impact. Drawing inspiration from global experiences, she emphasizes the importance of community-focused impact and aims to cultivate competitive young entrepreneurs while empowering local communities.


With Masego More at the helm, Enactus-CUT anticipates a period of heightened productivity and impactful community engagement, as the organization continues to evolve under her visionary leadership.

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