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University West And CUT Sign MoU



University West And CUT Sign MoU

University West and CUT sign MoU.The recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing between CUT and the University West (UW) marks a significant milestone in their enduring partnership. This event not only reaffirms their commitment to collaboration but also sets the stage for further joint initiatives. Let’s delve into the details of this momentous occasion and explore the potential it holds for both institutions.

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Key Highlights: University West and CUT sign MoU

CUT and UW have bolstered their long-standing relationship through the recent MoU signing, underscoring their shared vision for academic excellence and international engagement. The agreement encompasses various areas of cooperation, including:

  1. PhD Studies Enhancement: The updated agreement paves the way for enhanced collaboration in PhD studies between the two institutions, fostering academic growth and research excellence.
  2. Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Profile Development: By jointly developing a common WIL profile on an international scale, CUT and UW are poised to offer students enriching experiential learning opportunities that bridge academic theory with real-world practice.
  3. Progress and Achievements: Since the initial signing in February 2020, both parties have made significant strides in fulfilling their commitments to research collaborations, student-staff mobility, and the expansion of master’s courses and PhD programs. These achievements underscore the tangible impact of their collaborative efforts.

Quote from Prof. Alfred Ngowi

Reflecting on the significance of this partnership, Prof. Alfred Ngowi emphasizes its role in strengthening existing bonds and advancing the global engagement agenda of both universities. He envisions continued collaboration as a means to drive progress and mutual growth.

“We see this visit and many others to come as an important outlet for both universities to strengthen the existing bonds of friendship and, most importantly, to reflect from time to time on the progress we are making in pursuit of the university’s global engagement agenda,” said Prof. Alfred Ngowi.

Caption for Image

Caption: Prof. Ulrika Lundh-Snis, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: University West, and Prof. Alfred Ngowi, acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, sealing the partnership agreement in a symbolic gesture of collaboration and mutual commitment.


The MoU signing between CUT and University West signifies more than just a formal agreement—it represents a shared commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and international collaboration. As both institutions embark on this journey of partnership, they are poised to leverage their respective strengths and resources for the benefit of students, faculty, and the broader academic community. With a solid foundation in place, the future holds boundless opportunities for impactful research, experiential learning, and cultural exchange between CUT and University West.

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