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CUT Pothole Eradication Programme Improves Road Safety And Quality



CUT Pothole Eradication Programme Improves Road Safety And Quality

CUT Pothole Eradication Programme Improves Road Safety And Quality. The Pothole Eradication Programme, a collaborative effort between the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), and the Free State Department of Community Safety, Roads, and Transport, aims to enhance road safety and quality in the province. This initiative not only addresses the immediate need for pothole repair but also provides valuable skills training to the youth, ensuring a sustainable approach to road maintenance.

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CUT Empowering Youth Through Skills Training

650 certifications have been awarded as part of the programme, focusing on skills development and knowledge transfer. The training is CETA-accredited, ensuring that learners receive quality education. This initiative goes beyond just fixing potholes; it is about equipping the youth with the skills needed for long-term road maintenance.

CUT Transformative Impact

Prof Alfred Ngowi, CUT acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, lauded the partnership as an innovative initiative that could revolutionize road maintenance nationwide. He emphasized the program’s broader impact on society, highlighting its role in improving road safety, reducing motor accident costs, and fostering community development.

CUT Personal Stories of Transformation

Mr. David Mohlakoana shared his journey, expressing how the programme has transformed his life. He spoke of newfound pride in his work and the ability to provide for his family. His story reflects the program’s impact on individual lives and the broader community.

CUT Community Collaboration

The success of the programme is attributed to collaborative efforts. Farmers, taxi associations, and food vendors have all played a role in supporting the learners. This collective effort underscores the importance of community involvement in creating sustainable solutions.

CUT Continued Support and Inspiration

Mr. Dan Kgothule, from the Free State Premier’s Office, commended the learners for their dedication and encouraged them to continue their hard work. His words of encouragement reflect the ongoing commitment to improving road infrastructure in the province.


The Pothole Eradication Programme is not just about fixing potholes; it is about empowering youth, improving road safety, and fostering community development. It exemplifies CUT’s commitment to excellence and community improvement.

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