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Engineering Students at CUT Showcase Innovative Designs



Engineering Students at CUT Showcase Innovative Designs

Engineering Students at CUT Showcase Innovative Designs. Engineering students at the Central University of Technology (CUT) recently showcased their creativity and technical prowess in an Innovation Challenge hosted by the Idea Gym. The challenge aimed to push the boundaries of traditional coffee mug designs, incorporating new techniques and modern technology. Let delve into the remarkable designs that emerged from this event.

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CUT Revolutionizing Coffee Mugs

The first standout design features a dual-purpose holder, capable of accommodating both sugar and a spoon. Additionally, its bottom doubles as a compartment for storing cookies, enhancing the user’s coffee-drinking experience with practicality and efficiency.

The second design focuses on portability and adaptability, featuring a built-in spoon for convenience on the go. The spoon serves various purposes, including frothing and sipping, ensuring a consistent and delightful coffee experience anywhere.

CUT Innovation Challenge

On 07 May 2024, the Idea Gym hosted an Innovation Challenge where engineering students were tasked with designing a coffee mug on the move using CAD Fusion 360. They were also required to build a brick, replacing the stone component with a material sourced from repurposed materials to enhance strength. The designs were judged based on creativity, uniqueness, and convenience of the cup, with winners selected by a panel of 4 judges.

CUT Fostering Innovation

Dr. Izabeth Conradie, Director of iGym, emphasized the university’s commitment to promoting a culture of creativity and business insight among its students. The challenge not only showcased innovative designs but also highlighted CUT’s dedication to preparing students for the challenges of the modern world.

CUT Winning Designs

The competition was fierce, with only the top 3 designs selected from the nine participating groups. The winning team, comprising exceptional Civil Engineering students, impressed the judges with their ingenuity and creativity. In second place were brilliant Electrical Engineering students, followed closely by another group of talented Electrical Engineering students in third place.


The Innovation Challenge at CUT exemplifies the university’s commitment to nurturing innovative thinking and providing a platform for students to showcase their talents. These designs not only redefine traditional coffee mugs but also demonstrate the students’ ability to think outside the box and leverage modern technology in creative ways.

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