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CUT Professor Develops Draught-Fighting App for Africa



CUT Professor Develops Draught-Fighting App for Africa

CUT Professor Develops Draught-Fighting App for Africa. Drought poses a significant threat to Africa, with over 88% of disaster-affected individuals impacted by its devastation. Professor Muthoni Masinde of Central University of Technology, Free State, developed the ITIKI project to address this pressing issue.

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The Inspiration Behind ITIKI

Growing up in Kenya, Professor Masinde witnessed firsthand the dire consequences of drought on small-scale farmers. Motivated by her experiences, she conceptualized a solution that integrates indigenous wisdom with modern technology.

Introducing the ITIKI Project

ITIKI (Information Technology and Indigenous Knowledge with Intelligence) is a pioneering initiative that merges indigenous forecasting methods with scientific advancements. Launched in June 2019, it offers a comprehensive drought early warning system tailored for African farmers.

The Innovation| Drought Prediction Tool

At the heart of ITIKI is a sophisticated forecasting tool accessible via a mobile application, web portal, and SMS service. Utilizing a network of weather sensors, it provides real-time weather updates and planting advice to farmers, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Empowering African Farmers

Professor Masinde emphasizes the tool’s user-friendly nature, delivering weather forecasts and agricultural insights in local languages via basic mobile phones. Already implemented in Mozambique, Kenya, and South Africa, ITIKI aims to expand its reach across the continent.

CUT Ensuring Relevance and Resilience

ITIKI leverages indigenous knowledge to ensure cultural relevance and resilience. By integrating mobile phones, wireless sensor networks, and artificial intelligence, it enhances effectiveness, affordability, and sustainability.


Through ITIKI, Professor Muthoni Masinde epitomizes the fusion of tradition and innovation, offering African farmers a lifeline in the face of climate change. With its success in mitigating drought impacts, ITIKI stands as a beacon of hope for agricultural communities across the continent.

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