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Mabokang Bids CUT Goodbye to Begin Her New Role at Rhodes University



Mabokang Bids CUT Goodbye to Begin Her New Role at Rhodes University

Mabokang Bids CUT Goodbye to Begin Her New Role at Rhodes University. Prof. ‘Mabokang Monnapula-Mapesela, former Senior Director at CUT’s Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, has embarked on a new journey at Rhodes University. Starting on July 1, 2024, she assumed the role of the first black female Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic and Student Affairs at Rhodes University.

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A Decade of Academic Excellence at CUT

During her tenure at CUT, Prof. Monnapula-Mapesela served as the Dean of Academic Development and Support before becoming the Senior Director at the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching. Prior to her time at CUT, she held various academic positions at the University of the Free State, including Associate Professor.

CUT International Educational Experience

Prof. Monnapula-Mapesela academic journey also includes a stint as a visiting professor in the Executive Directorate in Education Administration Programme at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Her academic qualifications include a PhD in Higher Education Studies, a Master’s degree in Education from the University of the Free State, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Higher Education from Rhodes University, and two undergraduate degrees in Education and Science.

A Heartfelt Farewell to CUT

Reflecting on her time at CUT, Prof. Monnapula-Mapesela expressed gratitude for the transformative experiences and opportunities the institution provided. She acknowledged the support and mentorship she received, particularly from Prof. Henk de Jager, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, and the broader CUT community.

A New Chapter

As she transitions to her new role at Rhodes University, Prof. Monnapula-Mapesela remains committed to the advancement of education in South Africa. She leaves CUT with a wealth of knowledge and experience, ready to embrace new challenges and forge new relationships for the betterment of education in the country.


Prof. ‘Mabokang Monnapula-Mapesela journey from CUT to Rhodes University signifies not just a career move, but a commitment to academic excellence and transformation in higher education. Her legacy at CUT will continue to inspire future generations of academics and leaders in the field.

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