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Cut to Financial Aid for Students in 2024



Cut to Financial Aid for Students in 2024

Cut to Financial Aid for Students in 2024. A bursary is a financial assistance program for students pursuing further study or training, with varying amounts and durations. Selection criteria often include academic merit and financial need, sometimes requiring employment with the donor post-graduation.

In contrast, a scholarship is awarded based on outstanding academic achievement, typically not requiring repayment or employment commitments.

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Tips for Applying

Read Bursary Brochure:

  • Identify bursaries suiting your needs.

Check Application Deadlines:

  • Ensure timely submission.

Direct Application:

  • Apply as specified by the person or company.

Multiple Applications:

  • Apply for more than one bursary, meeting requirements.

Alternative Financing:

  • Explore other study financing options if the bursary application is unsuccessful.

Specific Bursaries at CUT

CUT Academic Merit Bursaries for First-Year Students

  • For first-time post-Grade 12 full-time students at CUT.
  • Amount based on six highest Grade 12 symbols.
  • Criteria and amounts reviewed annually.

Academic Recruitment Bursaries (For First-Time Entrants)

  • Additional to normal academic bursaries.
  • Automatically considered for qualifying first-year students.
  • Three categories based on Grade 12 achievements.

CUT Leadership Bursaries for First-Year Students

  • Requires at least 27 points on the CUT scoring scale.
  • Available to students with specific leadership roles or achievements.

Sport Recruitment Bursaries

  • Awarded to promising sportsmen/women.
  • Requires participation in league sports for CUT.
  • Application deadline is 31 October each year.

Deans Awards Incentive Voucher

  • Contact relevant academic faculty for information.
  • For first-year students.

Funza Lushaka – Merit Bursary

  • Awarded by the Department of Higher Education and Training.
  • For Teacher Education students in specified programs.
  • Online application through the DHET website.

Other Financing Options

Study Loans

  • Borrowed money to be repaid upon completing studies.
  • Available from banks and institutions like Eduloan.

Feenix Student Fundraising Platform

  • Online platform connecting students with communities for debt fundraising.
  • Criteria include South African citizenship, income, and student status.


  • For more information, visit Eduloan’s website.

Financial Aid

  • Assists with educational expenses, including grants, scholarships, work-study, and loans.
  • Varied repayment expectations.

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)

  • Public entity providing study bursaries to qualifying students in TVET colleges and public universities.
  • Visit the NSFAS webpage for information.


Bursaries and scholarships are vital financial aids for students. Understanding specific criteria, deadlines, and alternative financing options is crucial for a successful educational journey. Students should explore opportunities that align with their goals and financial needs.

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