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Financial Aid for Students 2024| General Information



Financial Aid for Students 2024| General Information

Financial Aid for Students 2024| General Information. A bursary is financial aid provided to students for further study or training. This assistance varies in amount and duration, with selection criteria set by donors, including academic merit and financial need. Some bursaries require post-graduation employment with the donor.

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Scholarships, based on academic excellence, do not require repayment and usually lack employment conditions. This section highlights the importance of outstanding academic achievement.

Tips for Applying

Practical advice for applying includes reading bursary brochures, checking application deadlines, applying directly to specified entities, considering multiple bursaries, and exploring alternative financing options.

CUT Academic Merit Bursaries

This section details bursaries for first-year students pursuing diplomas or degrees at CUT. Award amounts are based on the six highest symbols in the Grade 12 examination and are reviewed annually.

Academic Recruitment Bursaries

Additional bursaries for first-year entrants, categorized by academic performance. Criteria include achieving A symbols and the specific category. It outlines various categories and associated rewards.

CUT Leadership Bursaries

Bursaries for first-year students based on leadership roles in high schools, national achievements, and other qualifications. Points on the CUT scoring scale are required.

Sport Recruitment Bursaries

Explains the criteria for sport bursaries, emphasizing achievements at the provincial level and higher. Forms are available from Operational Sport, with a deadline of October 31 each year.

Deans Awards Incentive Voucher

Information on incentive vouchers for first-year students, available from academic faculty Deans, with specific conditions mentioned.

Funza Lushaka – Merit Bursary

Details a merit bursary awarded by the Department of Higher Education and Training to deserving Teacher Education students. Programs covered and application details are provided.

Study Loans

An overview of study loans, money borrowed and repaid upon completion of studies, available from banks and institutions like Eduloan.

Feenix Student Fundraising Platform

Introduction to Feenix, an online fundraising platform for students with specific eligibility criteria. Instructions on how to start the fundraising journey are provided.


Information on Eduloan, a financial service provider, with a link for more details.

Financial Aid

An explanation of financial aid, covering tuition, accommodation, books, and transportation. Different types of financial aid, including grants, scholarships, work-study, and loans, are mentioned.

NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme)

An overview of NSFAS, a public entity providing study bursaries to qualifying students planning to study at TVET colleges and public universities.


This comprehensive guide outlines various avenues for financial assistance, emphasizing the importance of exploring multiple options to meet the diverse needs of students pursuing higher education.

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