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Student Development and Support 2024 Will Be CUT



Student Development and Support 2024 Will Be CUT

Student Development and Support 2024 Will Be CUT. The Student Academic Development and Support (SADS) unit is committed to enhancing students’ academic success and holistic development. Through various initiatives, we aim to support the institution in shaping graduates who are skilled, innovative, socially responsible, technologically savvy, and astute.

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Initiatives for Academic and Social Support

Supplemental Instruction Programme (SI)

SI employs peer-assisted learning to enhance academic success and retention in historically challenging courses. Senior students, known as SI Leaders, collaborate with course lecturers to assist undergraduates in mastering course content.

SI Programme Coordinators

Bloemfontein Campus

  • Mr. Mohau Manyarela | | +27 (0)51 507 3704
  • Student Academic Support Centre (1st Floor)

Welkom Campus

  • Ms. Liesl Hoare| +27 (0)57 901 3656
  • Coordinator: Academic Support, Wellness Unit

Peer Mentoring Programme

Designed to guide first-year students through the transition from high school to university life. Peer Mentors, academically competent and socially adept senior students, offer support in academic and social aspects to facilitate a successful entry into university life.

Common Questions Addressed

  • Understanding the class timetable
  • Clarifying subject content
  • Communication with lecturers
  • Effective study habits
  • Time management
  • Coping with personal challenges
  • Navigating financial allowances (NSFAS)
  • Assignment writing assistance
  • Dealing with personal problems
  • Obtaining financial assistance (NSFAS)

Where to Find More Information: for additional details and contact information of coordinators.


The SADS unit’s initiatives, including the SI Programme and Peer Mentoring Programme, underscore a commitment to nurturing well-rounded graduates. By addressing academic and social challenges, the unit plays a vital role in achieving the institution’s goal of producing competent and socially responsible individuals.

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