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CUT Welcomes Students Back To Campuses



CUT Welcomes Students Back To Campuses

CUT Welcomes Students Back To Campuses. The Central University of Technology (CUT) is buzzing with activity as it welcomes students back to campuses for the start of the second semester. With the National State of Disaster  regulations lifted in South Africa, the university is eager to resume contact classes and ensure a successful conclusion to the semester.

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Return to Normalcy

Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof. Alfred Ngowi, emphasized the importance of returning to normal academic operations. He stated, “It is the right time for all academic programmes to return to normalcy this semester to compensate for lost time.” Prof. Ngowi urged support staff and academics to remain focused on achieving academic goals and ensuring a smooth conclusion to the semester.

CUT is a full-contact tertiary institution and is accredited as such, emphasizing its commitment to providing quality face-to-face education.

Student Excitement

Students are thrilled to be back on campus after nearly three years of online teaching and learning. Megan Van Aswegen, a third-year Hospitality Management student, expressed her excitement, stating, “It feels great to be back on campus and get this campus life going.” She appreciated the experience of both online and face-to-face teaching modes.

Mixed Reactions

While many students are excited about the return to campus, some have mixed emotions. Qhoboshiane Rampuru, a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, is excited to resume contact classes, noting that online teaching did not challenge her as much. However, she believes in the effectiveness of face-to-face instruction.

Challenges of Online Learning

Dineo Matsheu, a third-year student, shared mixed emotions about returning to campus. She acknowledged that online learning made her lazy but also expressed concerns about the overwhelming workload. She suggested that management could have completed the academic year online and given students time to return to campus life or start fresh next year.


The start of the second semester at CUT marks a significant step towards normalcy in academic operations. With students and staff eager to resume contact classes, the university is committed to ensuring a successful conclusion to the semester. As the semester progresses, CUT remains focused on providing quality education and supporting its students in their academic endeavors.

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