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Dealesville Farmers Receive Feed From CUT Farm



Dealesville Farmers Receive Feed From CUT Farm

Dealesville Farmers Receive Feed From CUT Farm. The Central University of Technology (CUT) farm, part of the Department of Agriculture, has extended a helping hand to farmers in Dealesville by donating approximately four hectares of sorghum, valued at around R13,200. The sorghum, which was not being utilized by CUT animals, has been a welcome relief to farmers who were devastated by veld fires.

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The Impact of the Donation

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2024, Mr. Jan Jacobsz, the CUT Farm Operational Manager, highlighted that the donation became possible due to the excellent rain season of 2023/2024. “We were able to produce more feed than our current needs for 2021. After the devastating fires that ravaged approximately 30,000 hectares of natural vegetation in the neighboring town of Dealesville on 21 May 2024, we decided to cut and bale the excess feed,” said Jacobsz.

Reaching Out to Dealesville Farmers

The process of donating the feed was carried out in collaboration with organized agriculture in the Free State. Dr. Jack Armour from Free State Agriculture suggested contacting Martin Nel, the coordinator for feed donations in Dealesville.

“Martin Nel visited the CUT farm on 1 September 2024 and collected 33 sorghum bales. He took on the responsibility of distributing them among the farmers affected by the veld fires. While this may seem like a small donation, we believe it will provide some relief to those farmers and farm workers in need,” concluded Jacobsz.


The donation from the CUT farm serves as a testament to the spirit of community and solidarity, especially during challenging times. The assistance provided to Dealesville farmers showcases the university’s commitment to supporting local communities and agriculture.

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