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Exploring AI Tools In Education: CUT Center For Innovation



Exploring AI Tools In Education: CUT Center For Innovation

Exploring AI Tools In Education: CUT Center For Innovation. Discover how CUT’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning is leveraging AI tools to revolutionize education, enhancing both teaching and learning experiences.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping education, offering personalized learning experiences and streamlining administrative tasks. CUT’s CILT explores the transformative potential of AI.

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CUT Insights from the Seminar

On August 11, 2023, CUT hosted an AI and Chat GPT Indaba, focusing on AI’s role in education. Prof. Alfred Ngowi emphasized AI’s potential to revolutionize education and prepare students for the future.

CUT Key Topics Covered

Discussions delved into AI’s capabilities, content creation, curriculum design, and student engagement. Prof. Ben Kotze highlighted AI’s evolving role in education and the importance of ethical considerations.

Empowering Human Creativity

Jody Joubert and Neil Kramm stress AI as a tool to enhance human capabilities, foster creativity, and empower both students and educators in the teaching and learning process.


CUT dedication to integrating AI into education aims to shape a future where technology enhances human potential and creativity.

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