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Professor Of Food Safety At CUT Widely Recognized For His Expertise



Professor Of Food Safety At CUT Widely Recognized For His Expertise

Professor Of Food Safety At CUT Widely Recognized For His Expertise. Prof. Ryk Lues, renowned for his expertise in food safety, serves as Director of the Centre for Applied Food Sustainability and Biotechnology (CAFSaB) at the Central University of Technology.

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CUT Expertise and Achievements

Professor Lues excels in social-behavioral aspects influencing food safety, organizational food safety culture, and innovative food safety solutions. His leadership at CAFSaB drives research in diverse areas, including human-behavioral aspects of food safety, antimicrobial resistance, and food waste management.

CUT Academic Contributions

With extensive experience in lecturing and supervising at Masters and Doctoral levels, Prof. Lues has published prolifically on food safety topics. He also contributes to global education, lecturing at institutions like Michigan State University and the University of Mauritius.

CUT Innovation and Commercializatio

Prof. Lues spearheads innovation and commercialization endeavors, notably facilitating collaborations that have brought substantial funding to CUT. His initiatives include pioneering projects such as the DST Regional Innovation Forum and spin-out ventures like Food Safety Culture Solutions.

CUT Reputation and Impact

Recognized for his outstanding reputation, Prof. Lues is a trusted advisor to South African food industry organizations. He also serves as an expert witness in local and international litigation, solidifying his status as a leader in food safety culture.


Prof. Ryk Lues stands as a beacon in the field of food safety, combining academic excellence, innovative research, and practical solutions to foster a culture of food safety worldwide.

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