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Fostering Successful Graduations For CUT Students



Fostering Successful Graduations For CUT Students

Fostering Successful Graduations For CUT Students. On 07 March 2024, the Unit for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at the Central University of Technology (CUT) hosted the Graduate Attributes Roadshow. The event aimed to raise awareness about the importance of graduate attributes in education and to enhance the skills of 21st-century learners, develop highly employable graduates, and help students understand the purpose of their career choices.

These attributes are integrated into the curriculum to prepare students for the market and industry, as well as to become agents for social good in the future.

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Importance of Graduate Attributes

Graduate attributes were introduced following a survey conducted in 2009 by the Department of Higher Education and Training and the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). The survey aimed to assess employers’ views on the graduates produced by universities. It recommended that lecturers should prepare graduates for the work environment to increase their employability.

In response, the Unit for Innovation in Teaching and Learning committed to continuous roadshows to ensure that all students understand what the industry expects of them and how this adds value to their qualifications and employability.

Implementing Graduate Attributes

The University creates a rich learning environment through core curricular experiences, formal programs, sports, and cultural activities. Dr. Rosaline Sebolao, Manager Special Projects: Innovation in Teaching and Learning, emphasized the importance of graduate attributes in preparing students for the working world.

She encouraged students to live by and absorb these attributes, which include sustainable development, community engagement, entrepreneurship, innovation and problem-solving, technological literacy, communication, technical and conceptual competence, teamwork, citizenship and global leadership, and mathematical and financial literacy.

CUT Testimonials from Alumni

Several CUT alumni, including Mr. Itumeleng Leburu, Mr. Lebogang Selema, and Ms. Lerato Khotle, shared their experiences. They highlighted how these attributes benefited them in shaping their careers. Mr. Leburu, a former mentor, CUT Radio personality, and entrepreneur, encouraged students to get involved in available projects and work hard to define their goals.

Mr. Selema, a former kickstart winner and entrepreneur, emphasized the importance of these attributes in aligning with industry peers. Ms. Khotle, also a former kick-start winner and Southern Sun Bloemfontein Assistant Financial Controller, emphasized the role of these attributes in her career success.


The Graduate Attributes Roadshow at CUT highlights the university’s commitment to producing skilled, innovative, socially responsible, and globally competitive graduates. It underscores the importance of integrating these attributes into the curriculum to prepare students for the challenges of the modern workplace.

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