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From Humble Beginnings To Greatness: CUT Employees



From Humble Beginnings To Greatness: CUT Employees

From Humble Beginnings To Greatness: CUT Employees. In the realm of higher education, Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), stands as a beacon of excellence. It is within this esteemed institution that Mr. Mahao’s journey from humble beginnings to greatness has unfolded, showcasing the institution commitment to employee growth and development.

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A Promising Start

Mr. Mahao embarked on his career at CUT as a Quality Enhancement Officer: Reviews, working closely with the Quality Enhancement Advisor: Reviews in the Institutional Planning and Quality Enhancement (IPQE) Unit. His responsibilities included coordinating internal reviews, preparing programmes for external reviews, and managing the 2020 Institutional Mock Audit.

Embracing New Challenges

With a spirit of versatility and a willingness to learn, Mr. Mahao expanded his role, collaborating with the Quality Enhancement Advisor: Accreditation. When the advisor resigned in June 2021, Mr. Mahao was entrusted with acting in the position, a testament to his dedication and capability.

A Testament to Growth

Reflecting on his journey, Mr. Mahao emphasizes the pivotal role of training and development at CUT. He highlights the institution’s commitment to keeping employees abreast of industry trends and ensuring they remain competitive.

A Family Affair

Beyond personal growth, Mr. Mahao acknowledges CUT’s impact on his family. With one son already enrolled and another showing interest, CUT’s influence extends beyond its walls, providing a sense of security and a bright future for his entire family.

Looking Ahead

Mr. Mahao’s journey is far from over. His short-term goals include mastering accreditation matters and expanding his expertise in Planning, MIS, and Monitoring and Evaluation. He envisions himself as a valuable asset, contributing significantly to CUT and the higher education sector as a whole.


Mr. Mahao story epitomizes the transformative power of education and opportunity. His journey at CUT serves as an inspiration, showcasing the institution’s unwavering commitment to fostering talent and nurturing greatness.

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