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A 2024 ESKOM Expo For Young Scientists At CUT Explores Energy Toxicity And Plant Growth



A 2024 ESKOM Expo For Young Scientists At CUT Explores Energy Toxicity And Plant Growth

A 2024 ESKOM Expo For Young Scientists At CUT Explores Energy Toxicity And Plant Growth. The 2022 Eskom Expo for Young Scientists, held at the Central University of Technology (CUT), showcased innovative projects and scientific investigations by learners from various schools in Bloemfontein and surrounding areas. This article delves into the event’s significance and highlights some of the remarkable projects presented.

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Eskom Expo for Young Scientists: Fostering Scientific Inquiry

The Eskom Expo for Young Scientists serves as a platform for learners to engage in scientific inquiry, problem-solving, and communication of findings. It brings together learners, educators, professionals, and government entities with a shared goal of promoting scientific literacy and innovation.

Event Overview

Hosted on July 29 and 30, 2022, the Eskom Expo Regional Science Fair at CUT welcomed 97 learners from grades 6 to 11 representing 10 schools. Participating schools included Setjhaba se Maketse Combined School, Oranje Primêre Meisieskool, Eunice High School, and others. Learners showcased their projects across diverse categories such as Agricultural Sciences, Energy, Engineering, and Social Sciences.

Empowering Young Minds

Participation in the Expo offers learners a platform to expand their scientific knowledge, explore entrepreneurial opportunities, and foster innovative thinking. The event encourages them to become problem solvers and future leaders in science and engineering.

Recognition and Awards

Outstanding projects were recognized with certificates, trophies, vouchers, and laptops. Notable winners included Danicke Grobbelaar and Lee-Ann Britz from Oranje Primêre Meisieskool for their exceptional Energy project. Other winners presented innovative solutions in areas such as plant growth, nephrotoxicity, and software development.

Inspiring Remarks

Prof. Samson Mashele, in his welcoming address, commended the young participants for their ingenuity and emphasized the importance of innovation in addressing global challenges. He highlighted the role of education institutions like CUT in nurturing future innovators and entrepreneurs.


The 2022 Eskom Expo for Young Scientists at CUT provided a platform for learners to showcase their scientific prowess and innovative solutions. Through their projects, these young minds demonstrated their potential to contribute positively to society and shape the future through scientific inquiry and innovation.

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