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Scientist And CUT Honorary Doctorate Share His Knowledge At Free State 4IR Summit



Scientist And CUT Honorary Doctorate Share His Knowledge At Free State 4IR Summit

Scientist And CUT Honorary Doctorate Share His Knowledge At Free State 4IR Summit.At the recent Free State 4IR Summit, renowned scientist Prof. Seeram Ramakrishna, hailing from the National University of Singapore, shared invaluable insights. Held in collaboration with the Free State Provincial Government at CUT Bloemfontein Campus, the summit aimed to delve into the transformative potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) for South Africa and beyond.

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Keynote Address Highlights

Prof. Ramakrishna emphasized the critical role of 4IR in addressing pressing global challenges, particularly climate change. He highlighted the commitment of major corporations to achieve Net-Zero emissions by 2050 and underscored the importance of leveraging 4IR technologies to realize this goal.

Circular Economy and Net-Zero Emissions

Drawing on his expertise, Prof. Ramakrishna showcased real-world examples of Net-Zero emissions and the Circular economy. He stressed the significance of transitioning to a circular model of production and consumption, particularly in light of escalating material emissions.

4IR Technologies for Sustainability

Prof. Ramakrishna elucidated on the indispensable role of 4IR technologies in enabling sustainable practices, particularly in waste management and recycling. He emphasized the potential of automation in revolutionizing the circular economy and commended initiatives in the Free State province towards this end.

Building Human Capital for Future Industries

Addressing the importance of human capital, Prof. Ramakrishna underscored the necessity of continuous training to equip individuals with skills relevant to emerging industries. He highlighted initiatives at his university aimed at bridging skill gaps and preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow.

Collaborative Opportunities

Prof. Ramakrishna emphasized the potential for collaboration between South Africa and Singapore in advancing renewable energy and sustainable technologies. He noted the burgeoning interest in hydrogen fuel as a clean energy source and envisioned synergies between the two countries in this regard.


The insights shared by Prof. Seeram Ramakrishna at the Free State 4IR Summit underscore the transformative potential of 4IR technologies in addressing global challenges and fostering sustainable development. As South Africa and other nations embark on the journey towards carbon neutrality, collaboration, innovation, and investment in human capital will be key drivers of progress in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era.

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