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Logo And Colors Of CUT Corporate Identity



Logo And Colors Of CUT Corporate Identity

Logo And Colors Of CUT Corporate Identity. This guide outlines the correct usage of the Central University of Technology (CUT)’s logo and colors.

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Logo Usage

  • The logo is a unit; never use the logo without the university name.
  • Downloadable logo versions are available for various applications.

CUT Symbol Spacing and Area of Isolation

  • Download the guide for proper spacing and isolation (PDF).

Logo Versions to Download

  • Horizontal and vertical versions available in small, medium, and large sizes.
  • High-quality resolution versions also provided.
  • Flat application for clothing and bags available.

CUT Watermark

  • Use for superimposing information over the watermark, not as a standalone logo.

Using CUT Colors

  • Primary colors: beautiful blue and white (Pantone 295C, #003261).
  • Secondary colors for faculties:
  • Engineering, Built Environment, and Information Technology (Pantone process blue, #0082d1).
  • Health and Environmental Sciences (Pantone 362, #289728).
  • Humanities (Pantone 1234, #fbb927).
  • Management Sciences (Pantone 1807, #a12830).
  • Secondary colors should be used in conjunction with blue and white, in a smaller percentage (no more than 30% of the overall design or layout).


Adhering to the Corporate Identity Guidelines ensures consistency and professionalism in representing CUT. Proper usage of the logo and colors fosters brand recognition and unity across all communications and materials.

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