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Venues To Be Used For CUT Are To Be Hired



Venues To Be Used For CUT Are To Be Hired

Venues To Be Used For CUT Are To Be Hired. The University offers various services for hiring its venues, including cleaning, gardening, grounds maintenance, sport venue facilities, vehicle fleet, postal, maintenance, capital projects, and venue bookings.

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Estates and Infrastructure

The Estates and Infrastructure department focuses on providing physical infrastructure to support teaching, research, and community service goals of the University.

Goals Hiring of CUT Venues

  1. Quality Services: Offering high-quality fleet and postal services, ensuring clean and neat facilities, and providing safe and accessible campus environments.
  2. Sport Facilities: Ensuring safe, clean, and fit-for-purpose sports facilities for internal and external users.
  3. Maintenance: Offering professional, innovative, and timely maintenance services.

Approach Hiring of CUT Venues

  • Facilities planning and development leadership
  • Strategic asset management
  • Providing a quality physical environment
  • Customer-focused support services
  • Ethical work approach with integrity and respect
  • Recognition and commitment to staff training and development
  • Teamwork and customer-focused service delivery
  • Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace
  • Consultative leadership and open communication.


The University hiring services aim to support its vibrant and progressive image by providing top-notch services and maintaining high standards in facilities and infrastructure.

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