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Congratulations to The Masinde Family of Top Achievers From CUT



Congratulations to The Masinde Family of Top Achievers From CUT

Congratulations to The Masinde Family of Top Achievers From CUT. The Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), recently celebrated the exceptional achievements of learners at the Free State Department of Education Welldone function. Among the top 100 learners honored was Neema Masinde, daughter of professors Prof. Muthoni Masinde and Prof. Wanyama Masinde, both distinguished academics in their fields.

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Neema Masinde Accomplishments

Neema Masinde, a student at Christian Brothers College in Bloemfontein, emerged as the top learner in the entire Free State Province. She achieved remarkable results in her grade 12 exams, scoring above 90% average in subjects such as Physical Science, Life Sciences, Accounting, Mathematics, English, and Life Orientation. Additionally, she attained a level 7 in Afrikaans, showcasing her exceptional academic prowess and dedication to excellence.

Academic Background of the Masinde Family

Neema achievements are a testament to her parents’ academic legacy. Prof. Muthoni Masinde, with a doctorate, masters, and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from prestigious universities, including the University of Cape Town and the University of Brussels, is the Head of the Department of Information Technology at CUT. Her research focuses on innovative solutions such as the drought prediction tool ITIKI, which integrates indigenous African knowledge with modern technologies.

Prof. Wanyama Masinde, Neema father, is a renowned academic and founding Director of the Institute for Regional Integration and Development (IRID) at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. His work in designing training programs and curricula for regional integration has had a profound impact across Africa.

Neema Twin Brother

Neema twin brother also achieved academic excellence, obtaining six distinctions in English, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Accounting, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences from the Christian Brothers College. The Masinde family’s commitment to education and excellence is evident in both siblings’ remarkable achievements.


The Masinde family achievements are a source of pride and inspiration. Neema and her brother academic excellence reflects their dedication and hard work, as well as the support and guidance of their parents. CUT congratulates the Masinde family on their outstanding achievements and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors.

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