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NSFAS Summit at CUT Allocates R 2.9 Billion To Student Housing



NSFAS Summit at CUT Allocates R 2.9 Billion To Student Housing

NSFAS Summit at CUT Allocates R 2.9 Billion To Student Housing. During the NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) Summit held at the Central University of Technology (CUT), significant strides were made in addressing the pressing issue of student housing.

Dr. Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Technology, revealed that the National Treasury has earmarked R 2.9 billion for this purpose over the next three years.

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Addressing the Infrastructure Backlog

Speaking at the Premier’s Gala Dinner at CUT’s esteemed Hotel School on June 26, 2022, Dr. Nzimande emphasized the urgency of reducing the infrastructure backlog to meet the growing demand for student accommodation. The allocation from the National Treasury is a crucial step in this direction.

Progress and Challenges

Dr. Nzimande highlighted that the allocation would facilitate the improvement of student housing infrastructure, providing approximately 16,858 beds across eleven universities. While acknowledging this progress, he also underscored the persistent need for additional space to meet the accommodation requirements effectively.

NSFAS: A Beacon of Support

The Minister lauded the pivotal role of NSFAS in funding tuition fees for students in universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. He emphasized how NSFAS has become a beacon of hope for many disadvantaged young people, enabling them to pursue higher education and transform their lives and communities.

Sustainable Solutions and Partnerships

However, Dr. Nzimande acknowledged the limitations of the current student infrastructure project, which relies solely on Treasury funds. He emphasized the need for sustainable solutions through partnerships, particularly with the private sector, to ensure proper accreditation and expansion of student accommodation.

Looking Ahead| Comprehensive Strategy

The Department of Higher Education, Science, and Technology is tasked with developing a comprehensive strategy to rapidly increase student accommodation. This strategy will involve collaboration among various stakeholders, including the government, NSFAS, and private sector resources.


The allocation of R 2.9 billion for student housing marks a significant step towards addressing the pressing issue of accommodation for students in South Africa. While progress has been made, challenges remain, necessitating innovative solutions and partnerships to ensure all students have access to safe and adequate housing.

Through concerted efforts and strategic planning, the government aims to meet the growing demand for student accommodation and create opportunities for young people to thrive in their educational pursuits.

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