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Team CUT Seilatsatsi Ready For Sasol Solar Car Challenge!



Team CUT Seilatsatsi Ready For Sasol Solar Car Challenge!

Team CUT Seilatsatsi Ready For Sasol Solar Car Challenge!. The Central University of Technology (CUT) is poised to make its mark once again in the 2024 Sasol Solar Car Challenge with its renowned solar car team, “Seilatsatsi”. This marks the team second venture into the prestigious event, showcasing their commitment to innovation and sustainable technology.

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Previous Endeavors

In the 2024 competition, Seilatsatsi introduced their inaugural solar car, Pere ea Letsatsi, “the sun horse”. Crafted meticulously using computer-aided design (CAD) and constructed at the university’s workshops, this debut vehicle set the stage for the team’s journey into solar-powered mobility.

Innovative Design Approach

Under the guidance of Prof. Nicolaas Luwes, Head of the Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering Department, the team embarked on a design inspired by the aerodynamic efficiency of a teardrop. This visionary approach laid the groundwork for their subsequent projects.

Unveiling Ntsu CUT Seilatsatsi

For the upcoming challenge, the team is set to unveil their latest creation, Ntsu, meaning “eagle” in Sesotho. Prof. Luwes elaborates on the choice, emphasizing the vehicle potential to soar effortlessly, akin to its namesake. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and boasting a redesigned chassis for enhanced reliability, Ntsu promises to redefine solar car performance.

Technological Advancements

The new design integrates innovative features, including 3D-printed custom components and advanced electronics. Additionally, the vehicle’s chassis has been optimized to ensure stability even on uneven terrain, reflecting the team’s commitment to engineering excellence.

Competition CUT Seilatsatsi

The Sasol Solar Car Challenge presents a platform for teams from around the world to showcase their ingenuity in solar car design. With categories ranging from challenger to adventure, participants demonstrate their prowess across various parameters, including surface area and solar panel configuration. The race spans eight days, covering a route from Johannesburg to Cape Town via Jeffrey’s Bay.

Global Participation

The 14th edition of the challenge will witness participation from 11 teams hailing from diverse regions such as Saudi Arabia, China, the Netherlands, Belgium, and South Africa. This global convergence underscores the event’s significance in promoting sustainable mobility solutions on a worldwide scale.

Community Engagement and Recognition

In 2024, the Seilatsatsi team garnered acclaim for their community engagement efforts, earning the Coveted Community Engagement Award for their initiatives aimed at educating school children about solar technology along the race route.


As anticipation builds for the official launch ceremony on Friday, 19 August 2024, the Seilatsatsi team stands poised to embark on a journey fueled by innovation, determination, and a shared vision of a sustainable future. With Ntsu as their flagship, they are ready to soar to new heights and leave an indelible mark on the landscape of solar-powered transportation.

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