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Short courses at CUT



Short courses at CUT

Short courses at CUT. The Faculty of Information Technology, Built Environment and Engineering at CUT, in partnership with the National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa (NEMISA), offers a range of free courses designed to equip individuals with essential IT skills.

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Faculty of Information Technology Built Environment and Engineering

These courses cover a spectrum from basic to advanced levels and include training for Microsoft certifications. Participants have the opportunity to enhance their proficiency in various Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft Office applications, Windows Server, Azure, and more.

The collaboration between CUT and NEMISA aims to empower learners with valuable industry-recognized certifications, enhancing their employability and competitiveness in the IT sector.

Faculty of Humanities

Design and Studio Art: Photography and Graphic Design

The Faculty of Humanities at CUT provides short courses focusing on the fields of photography and graphic design. These courses are tailored to individuals seeking to develop their skills and expertise in visual communication and artistic expression. Through hands-on instruction and practical projects, participants learn essential techniques and principles in photography and graphic design.

The curriculum covers topics such as composition, lighting, image editing software, typography, branding, and layout design. By exploring both traditional and digital methods, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the creative process and its application in various contexts.

The courses offered by the Faculty of Humanities aim to nurture creativity, critical thinking, and technical proficiency in the fields of design and studio art.


CUT short courses, offered through its faculties, provide valuable opportunities for individuals to acquire specialized skills and knowledge in diverse areas. Whether in IT or the humanities, these courses cater to different interests and proficiency levels, fostering both technical expertise and creative expression. Through collaborations and focused instruction, CUT aims to empower learners with relevant qualifications and capabilities, enhancing their professional prospects and contributing to their personal growth and development.

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