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Students From CUT Competed in The USSA eSport Championships



Students From CUT Competed in The USSA eSport Championships

Students From CUT Competed in The USSA eSport Championships. CUT gaming students showcased their prowess at the first USSA eSport championships. The CUT eTitans, the university eSports team, secured an impressive 2nd place, with the University of Stellenbosch-Maties clinching the top spot.

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The Rising Popularity of eSports

Gone are the days when e-games were seen as sedentary activities. In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), eSports and gaming have emerged as global phenomena, captivating university students worldwide.

The Growth of eSports in South Africa

The eSports industry, valued at billions globally, has seen significant growth in South Africa in recent years. Universities, including CUT, have formally joined University Sport South Africa (USSA), with the inaugural tournament taking place at Stellenbosch University (Maties) in September 2024.

CUT Journey in eSports

The CUT Department of Information Technology, led by Mr. Leon van der Linde, launched the university’s own gaming competition, CUT Gaming, earlier in the year. This initiative paved the way for the university’s affiliation with USSA and its participation in the main tournament.

Aiming for Excellence

Despite being their first major tournament, the CUT eTitans performed admirably. Mr. van der Linde expressed his vision of establishing an eSports lab on campus to enhance the team’s skills and performance, emphasizing that eSports is an inclusive sport open to all.

Looking Ahead

Mr. van der Linde aims to attract more first-year students in 2020 to expand the university’s eSports teams. The support of sponsors such as Compuden and ASUS South Africa has been instrumental in the success of CUT Gaming.


the rise of eSports at CUT reflects the growing trend of competitive gaming worldwide, showcasing the talent and dedication of university students in this dynamic and rapidly expanding industry.

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