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CUT Oral Health Education Outreach Program is a Success



CUT Oral Health Education Outreach Program is a Success

CUT Oral Health Education Outreach Program is a Success. Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CUT) has orchestrated an impactful oral health education outreach program, exemplifying their commitment to community engagement and graduate attribute development.

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The Outreach Initiative

In a collaboration between the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences and local stakeholders, CUT embarked on a mission to Smithfield Primary School, aiming to educate and empower the community through the “Warriors against germs” project. This initiative, held during Nelson Mandela Month and Oral Health Month, integrated educational components with community service, embodying CUT’s ethos of holistic learning.

CUT Engagement and Impact

Led by dedicated lecturers and supported by enthusiastic student volunteers, the outreach team engaged with learners, imparting essential oral hygiene practices and fostering a sense of responsibility towards personal health. The program not only equipped students with practical skills but also broadened their horizons by introducing them to tertiary education opportunities and breaking stereotypes about academic institutions.

CUT Community Response and Partnership

The impact of the initiative extended beyond the classroom, eliciting appreciation from educators and parents alike. Ms. Mokhotsoa, a grade three educator, lauded CUT for its commitment to community upliftment and expressed gratitude for the valuable life lessons imparted to their learners. Additionally, the generous sponsorship from Colgate facilitated the provision of essential oral hygiene products, reinforcing the sustainability of the outreach efforts.


Through initiatives like the “Warriors against germs,” CUT exemplifies its dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped with not only academic knowledge but also essential life skills. As evidenced by the enthusiastic participation of both students and community members, the success of this program underscores the transformative potential of education when coupled with genuine community engagement.

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