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Worm Farming Expo Hosted By Enactus CUT To Raise Awareness



Worm Farming Expo Hosted By Enactus CUT To Raise Awareness

Worm Farming Expo Hosted By Enactus CUT To Raise Awareness. Enactus CUT, in partnership with the Community Engagement Unit, recently hosted the 2nd Worm Farming Expo at the Welkom Campus in June 2023. This event followed a successful expo at the Bloemfontein Campus in May 2024, demonstrating the growing interest and importance of worm farming in sustainable agriculture.

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Why Worm Farming?

The Enactus team at the Central University of Technology (CUT) has embarked on a mission to raise awareness about the vital role of worms in sustainable farming. Recognizing the challenges posed by poor soil conditions at their Village Fa project, the team sought innovative solutions to improve crop yields and soil health. Ms. Yanelisa Giyose, President of Enactus CUT, explained, “We struggled with producing good crops because the soil was not conducive.

Our crops did not meet commercial market standards, and the harvest was low. After much research, we decided to venture into worm farming.”

The Journey to Sustainability

Starting with just one bag of red wiggler worms, the team has successfully multiplied their worm population, now boasting more than 10 bags. Bright Hlungwani, a member of the Enactus team, expressed his excitement about the project’s success, stating, “This is the best method thus far, and I am planning to take the knowledge back to my village in Limpopo because farmers there are suffering the same fate as the Glenstone farmers.”

Sustainable Solutions

Mr. Ephraim Tshobeka, a Business Advisory member known as the ‘grandfather of the worms,’ emphasized the importance of sustainable farming practices. “Our fight is against poverty because soil enables us to secure food. We are preserving this land so that it can be used and re-used by generations to come.

” He highlighted the profitability of worm farming and its potential to create employment opportunities while nurturing the soil and promoting organic farming methods.

Support and Expansion

Enactus CUT received funding from Harmony Gold Mines and the Ford Foundation to kickstart the project. Starting with just 60kg of worms from Agribusiness Corner, co-founders of worm farming from KZN, the project has seen remarkable growth, with the worm population tripling in just three months.


Enactus CUT initiative in worm farming not only highlights the importance of worms in sustainable farming but also showcases the potential for innovative, sustainable solutions to address agricultural challenges. The expo serves as a platform to educate and inspire others to embrace sustainable farming practices for a greener future.

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