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CUT-Enactus President wins Global Youth Innovators Award



CUT-Enactus President wins Global Youth Innovators Award

CUT-Enactus President wins Global Youth Innovators Award. Sizolwakhe Innocent Mtetwa, the President of CUT-Enactus and a third-year construction management student, achieved a remarkable feat by winning £10,000 alongside his partner, Sherina Begum from the United Kingdom (UK), at the 2021 Global Young Innovators Programme.

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The Global Young Innovators Programme

The Global Young Innovators Programme provides a platform for 60 forward-thinking entrepreneurial minds from South Africa and the UK to collaborate, ignite ideas, and co-design solutions for some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Addressing Global Challenges

Mtetwa and Begum collaborated on tackling challenges such as climate change, unemployment, and food waste. Their innovative solutions include the production of less chemical-based cosmetics using natural raw materials like fruits and vegetables.

Mtetwa Journey to Success

Mtetwa journey began in 2024 when he joined the CUT First-Year Leadership Programme. He then participated in the Enactus programme, a community committed to using entrepreneurial action to transform lives and create a sustainable world. He served as a Project Leader in 2024 and was promoted to Project Manager in 2024, where he honed his leadership and entrepreneurial skills. This year, he was appointed President, leading the entire team.

The Impact of Enactus

Reflecting on his journey, Mtetwa credits Enactus for instilling and improving his entrepreneurial spirit, leadership skills, business ingenuity, creative thinking, and innovative mindset. He emphasized that Enactus invests in students, empowering them to take entrepreneurial action for the betterment of society.

Mtetwa Background and Future Goals

Mtetwa, a 23-year-old from the Kingdom of Eswatini, grew up in the Kwa-Mashu township (Durban) and matriculated from Lakehaven Secondary School in Newlands East. He enjoys helping people, playing music, public speaking, reading books, and working with calculations. After completing his studies, he aspires to pursue a PhD in City Planning or Built Environment, mentor youngsters, establish successful businesses, and start a family.


Sizolwakhe Innocent Mtetwa journey from a small village to global recognition exemplifies the transformative power of education, leadership, and entrepreneurship in shaping a better future for individuals and communities alike. His achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring young innovators worldwide.

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